Harbor seal update: Float research, whiskers for survival, and boating etiquette

Alameda Point harbor seal float inspires research at New York Aquarium

The harbor seal float at Alameda Point has been wildly successful.  It started out as an experiment.  Now it’s a model being studied at the New York Aquarium.

In July 2022, the Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium installed a float in an exhibit modeled after the float at Alameda Point.  The research project was initiated by aquarium keeper Payden Sra as part of her work toward a graduate degree.  Studying haul-out behavior of harbor seals in a controlled setting “can better advise conservation actions for the growing wild seal populations managed by local officials on the East Coast,” Sra wrote in the description of her study.  “While once a rare sight, it is increasingly common to see seals in New York.” 

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