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     Welcome to the Alameda Point Environmental Report covering environmental cleanup, parks, open space, wildlife, sustainability and development issues at the former Naval Air Station – Alameda, in Alameda, California.  One of the goals of this blog is to inform about environmental cleanup issues that are often weighed down by a mountain of technical data.  Another goal is to bring more public awareness, and thus action, about the great potential for creating a legacy of public open space.  

     This blog is produced by Alameda resident Richard Bangert.  Your comments are welcome, your advocacy among elected and appointed leaders is encouraged. 

Email:  richard94501@gmail.com 

More about Alameda Point from Richard:

All photos are copyrighted by Richard Bangert and Alameda Point Environmental Report, unless otherwise credited. 

One thought on “About – Contact”

  1. Thank you for publishing a wonderful detailed and well illustrated article on the revival of native wetlands at the former NAS and approach path for the earlier Alameda Mole.


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