Alameda Point leasing decisions on April 18th city council agenda

On April 18, the city council will meet in closed session to negotiate four property leases at Alameda Point.  Two are for buildings, and two are at a pier.  It is unknown if either of the two proposed building leases will include the option to purchase.  Nor is it known if the city council has weighed selling rather than leasing the two buildings and how it fits in with the goal of replacing antiquated infrastructure.

Hangar 39 – Manufacturer of drone pesticide sprayers negotiating lease terms

Vacant hangar that Pyka is interested in leasing.

City staff and the council will be negotiating a lease with an Oakland company called Pyka, which makes drone airplanes designed for spraying pesticides on agricultural crops in Costa Rica and elsewhere.  Their pesticide-spraying aircraft is called “Pelican Spray.  The pilotless plane was recently approved by the Costa Rican government for flying in Costa Rica to spray large commercial banana plantations, both day and night.

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