Red-breasted Nuthatch in fall feeding mode

This Red-breasted Nuthatch was part of a small flock busily feeding in an evergreen tree in the old campground next to the Bay Trail on October 15th.  Notice the bird’s legs in the first two photos.  It looks like it is standing on  long stick-like legs, which is an illusion.

They move quickly up, down and around coniferous tree branches probing for food.  Their constant movement, often in the interior of a tree canopy, makes them difficult to spot, with their song being the only clue that they are nearby.

In the summer they eat insects, caterpillars, beetles, spiders, and the like.  In the fall and winter they eat conifer seeds.

Above is the tree in the old campground at Alameda Point where the nuthatches were feeding.  The Bay Trail is on the far side of the tree.

Author: richard94501

My blog is Alameda Point Environmental Report covering environmental issues from wildlife to cleanup at the former Navy base in Alameda now called Alameda Point. Articles on my blog are frequently printed in the Alameda Sun newspaper. I also host a Twitter site and a Flickr photo site. I hope you find my stories and photos of interest. Richard Bangert Alameda, California

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