Artistic expression at Alameda Point

The viewer is left to decide where graffiti ends and art begins in the following images. Regardless of opinion, one thing is clear: There are people looking for an opportunity to artistically express themselves.  And Alameda Point has plenty of abandoned interior and exterior walls to accommodate them.

"Art in the park"
“Art in the park”

Artist Sam Norton created the mural below at City View Skate Park at Alameda Point in 2015 to honor and remember his friend and fellow skateboarder Clay Harding who died the previous year.

The blue letters spell the word Surya, the name of the Hindu Sun god and Clay’s adopted boarder name. The sides of the mural are adorned with sloths, one of Clay’s favorite images and his own mark as an artist. The mural was approved by the city.

Sam Norton mural at City View Skate Park, Alameda Point, honoring skateboarder and artist Clay Harding.
Sam Norton mural at City View Skate Park, Alameda Point, honoring skateboarder and artist Clay Harding.

City View Skate Park is located at 1177 West Redline Avenue. The locations of the images below are left to viewers to figure out.

"Graffiti Lounge"
“Graffiti Lounge”
"Graffiti Cafe" Alameda Point
“The Graffiti Art Viewing Room” Alameda Point
"Heads Up for Clay"
“Heads Up for Clay”

Graffiti wall Alameda Point

"The Eyes Have It"
“The Eyes Have It”
"Graffiti Lounge Another View"
“Graffiti Lounge – Another View”
"Handball Court Tags of the Day"
“Handball Court Tags of the Day”
"Handball Court New Tag"
“Handball Court New Tag”
"Mess Wall Special of the Day"
“Mess Wall Special of the Day”
"Blue Orb in the Park" another view.
“Blue Orb in the Park” another view.

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